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2nd Call for EOI for EaSI TA services

(From the European Microfinance Network)

EIB’s fi-compass programme has issued its second Call for the Expression of Interest (EOI) for EaSI technical assistance (EaSI TA) services with the goal of selecting up to 34 European microcredit providers in the period of 2016 – 2017.

More information about fi-compass.

What is EaSI TA?
EaSI TA is the primary technical assistance programme for microcredit providers in the European Union (EU) and other eligible countries, which offers a suite of professional services including institutional assessment or rating of the microcredit provider, training and consulting services to strengthen institutional capacity and eliminate operational weaknesses, and support for the implementation of the EU Code of Good Conduct.
Additional information about EaSI TA can be found in the corresponding sections of the respective websites from the EaSI TA consortium members:

European Microfinance Network (EMN)
Microfinance Centre (MFC)
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FS)

What is the objective of the Call?
The purpose of this Call is to identify microcredit providers interested in receiving technical assistance to improve their operations, become sustainable and viable organizations in order to maximise their impact on micro and small enterprises.

Who is eligible to receive EaSI TA services?
The eligible institutions are microcredit providers (greenfield microfinance institutions, non-bank microcredit providers, licensed banks and guarantee granting entities) from the 28 EU Member States, as well as the following countries (as of the date of the issue of the Call): Albania, FYROM, Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia and Turkey.

Additional eligibility criteria are listed in the Call for EOI announcement (see the link below).

What is the deadline?
Eligible microcredit providers can apply at any time during the one-year period starting from 20 May 2016 but no later than by 19 May 2017.

Beneficiaries will be selected at suitable intervals within the one-year period of the Call. Approved Beneficiaries could benefit from EaSI TA services in 2016 already.

How to apply?
If you are interested in applying, please visit the following EaSI fi-compass website for further information about the EOI documents and selection procedure.

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